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Melbourne blast freezing
Service Description - Melbourne Blast Freezing

Blast Freezing for Melbourne

Does your business need a Melbourne blast freezing service with deep reach into regional Victoria and New South Wales? Our blast freezers freeze content exceptionally quickly, allowing us bypass the critical -1°C to -4°C as quickly as possible. This reduces the damaging process of crystallisation, to  preserve the quality of your product.

With a freezing capacity of 56 tons of product per day, we’re able to pick up your product chilled, bring it back to our cold store in Wangaratta, Blast Freeze it over night, then hold it in Cold Storage, until you direct us to either send it back to you or to your clients.We can send it out by the pallet, in smaller batches, or together with other product, or straight into refrigerated containers, ready for export.

Our facility is less than five years old, and in magnificent condition. All this plays a part in getting your product cold fast, and keeping it at the right temperature without fail. Coupled with our integrated cold transport network, our Melbourne blast freezing service is fast and reliable. That’s why we do work for Woolworths and Coles.

The efficiencies we’ve got with our newer plant, are hard to achieve with older equipment. We even provide our Melbourne blast freezing service to companies who have their own blasters, but can’t achieve what ours can in the required timeframe. It’s important to reach the target temperature within the given time. Let us help you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Temperature management is the most important thing for our business. We have many years experience in cold storage and transport.

Never. With our dedicated chilled and frozen storage facilities, and our value added inventory management services, you can be sure that your cold product remains at your specified temperature.

Whether your specified temperature is minus twenty or plus two degrees celsius, your product remains segregated in a specialist chilled storage + transport, or frozen storage + transport environment. These are never mixed.

Please call us. We would love to know what you need and why you need it that way. This makes it easier for us to then realise the importance meeting your needs, even if it means changes for us.

All of our facilities and vehicles are constantly monitored, with room temperature tested and logged every five minutes of every day, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, under export conditions.l
We will keep everything all your cold stock at your specified temperature for as long as you need. We will then deliver it to you or direct to your clients as needed.

Yes. We can collect your ingredients from your suppliers in bulk, keep them with us, and  drip feed them to your production facility as required.

According to your needs, we can ship your product to you or your customers by the pallet, or break it down into smaller consignments and ship it bit by bit.
Then you will enjoy our specialist service. We routinely Pick & Pack various product types, to combine and ship to you or your clients as required.

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