Another Link in the Cold Chain — Diesel Magazine Article

Arriving at the main base for Link Cold Storage and Transport
on the outskirts of northern Victoria’s Wangaratta, it’s clear this is no ordinary local fridge operation. The yard is immaculate, a late model clean prime mover sits with its half-loaded trailer next the cold store door as the load is finished off.

The trucking industry is changing, it has to change, to engage with the large corporate customers, for whom everything must be very professional, so their corporate lawyers can sleep securely knowing there is no chain of responsibility investigation around the corner.

The trucking operators’ function does involve getting the freight from A to B in the right condition and at the right time, but there is so much more to the relationship now. A high level of service is required and there must be no need, on the part of the customer, to worry about the intricacies of getting the freight moved.

This is the kind of set-up Simon Frazer and his wife Anna-Lisa have developed in Wangaratta. It has grown to the point where they are looking to expand cold storage capacity and move ahead with the business.


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