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Respected motivational author and radio presenter, Earl Nightingale, once said, “everything begins with an idea”. For many in the transport industry, however, the idea is only as good as the actions taken to bring it to reality.

One person who has turned an idea from thought to tangible success is Simon Frazer, Owner of Link Cold Storage & Transport. “Building a cold store was just an idea that I had six years ago,” Simon says. “I was already working in the industry so I used my knowledge to create a business model that worked – we soon quadrupled in size.”

According to Simon, the key to his company’s strategy is to keep costs down by doing things ‘the smart way’. “In our market, many only see logistics as an extra expense,” Simon explains. “Our customers are focussed on keeping their costs down, so a smart way of doing business is to use technology that helps us stay competitive.”

A recent investment that Simon says was part of the plan …


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